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Some news, tips and tricks from the world of marketing that caught the attention of the team at Napier. Our marketing blog is where we share some of the things that have inspired, impressed or amused us.

Facebook’s click-bait crackdown: implications for marketers

29th Aug 2014 • Leave a comment

Facebook has announced adjustments to the way in which users see articles on its site, reducing stories with click-bait headlines – posts that tempt readers with beguiling headlines, yet deliver content that is actually of very little interest to the reader. Despite these “click-bait” headlines once being favoured by the algorithm, because they are frequently…

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Twitter launches performance-based tool aimed at SMBs: Possible implications for B2B publishers?

20th Aug 2014 • Leave a comment

The 140-character  social network has rolled out a new pricing model for marketing campaigns, designed specifically for SMBs, allowing advertisers to purchase ads based on, what it claims to be, “objective based” goals, for instance clicks, engagements or leads. This performance-based tool has specifically been introduced to help SMBs meet their campaign objectives on the…

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Use LinkedIn’s new enterprise sales tool for social selling

8th Aug 2014 • Leave a comment

I’m sure that the vast majority of B2B marketers will, at the very least, acknowledge the value of LinkedIn for business, and with social selling having become an increasing focus within many organisations, LinkedIn have upped their game, and most likely their value to these B2B professionals, by launching a new version of enterprise sales…

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Our magazine about B2B marketing

26th Jun 2014 • Leave a comment

Like many people I love Flipboard. I’ve been curating a magazine on the platform for some time, and have steadily built up a readership of several hundred. It covers a wide range of B2B marketing topics, so why not check out our publication B2B Tech Marketing. Read our magazine

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The effect of Google’s Panda 4.0 on PR professionals

20th Jun 2014 • Leave a comment

Top newswires lost between 60% to 85% of their SEO visibility overnight With their recent series of search algorithm updates, Google have created quite a stir within the marketing environment, and it seems as though their latest update, Panda 4.0, will directly impact the way some PR professionals work when it comes to distributing news….

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How to increase the ROI of retargeting campaigns

12th Jun 2014 • Leave a comment

98% of users don’t convert on their first visit Despite the once common misconception that retargeting was best left for consumer e-commerce sites, it has since become favoured as an incredibly effective tool in the B2B environment, as way of keeping brands in front of the decision makers, during what is a typically long and…

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European Court of Justice makes browsing the internet legal

7th Jun 2014 • Leave a comment

In a decision laced with a surprising amount of common sense, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that internet users don’t break copyright law when browsing the web! This is the result of a four year battle, where the Newspaper Licencing Authority wanted to demand that some users pay a licence to be…

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Mary Meeker internet trends report 2014 published

2nd Jun 2014 • Leave a comment

One of the best ways to understand how the internet is developing is to read Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report. The annual report is seen as one of the most authoritative and insightful, and is published by her employer, the respected VC company Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. The report is quite consumer-focussed, but also provides…

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Data protection legislation causing uncertainty for businesses

25th May 2014 • Leave a comment

After all these years talking about data protection, you’d have thought that there would be a clear consensus of how companies should process personal data. The last couple of months, however, show that data protection is still one of the biggest challenges for marketers, even within the B2B space. The big news has surrounded the…

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Are we going to swap impressions for hours when buying online ads?

23rd May 2014 • Leave a comment

Buying online adverts by impression is a tricky business. In fact, the IAB has only recently defined what “impression” should mean: they said that 50% of an ad should be visible to the user for at least one second – not exactly a reassuringly high standard for advertisers, but at least it does eliminate the…

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Google Panda 4.0 rollout

23rd May 2014 • Leave a comment

Over the last few days, Google has been rolling out version 4.0 of the Panda algorithm. The Panda algorithm originally caused panic amongst some publishers back in 2011, and it’s pretty clear that the latest revision has made less of an impact than the original change – Google themselves say that the update will affect…

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LinkedIn tools to support content marketing campaigns

14th May 2014 • Leave a comment

LinkedIn recently launched a couple of tools – the Content Marketing Score and Trending Content. Trending Content aims to help marketers understand what topics to address by identifying the things that are resonating with the LinkedIn audience, whilst the Content Marketing Score aims to provide a metric to measure how effectively your content – including…

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Negative SEO

12th May 2014 • Leave a comment

Recently I’ve been asked “what is negative SEO” by a couple of clients, so thought it would be worth posting a brief overview. Search Engine Optimisation is still mostly about improving your site to enhance its ranking – as its name would suggest. But the reality is that SEO is a zero-sum game: if you…

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New guidance on blogging for UK-based campaigns

30th Apr 2014 • Leave a comment

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has published new guidelines for bloggers, explaining what is acceptable under regulations that prevent misleading advertising. In the UK you must disclose if content is advertising: this document lays out when you need to disclose in an easy-to-read Q&A format. With sections for both bloggers and brands, it’s important…

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Google to encrypt keyword data for paid clicks

21st Apr 2014 • Leave a comment

A couple of years ago, Google started “hiding” the keywords used when someone visited your website as the result of a search and a click on an organic link. The company has now confirmed that it will be doing the same thing for paid search results. This will prove a real challenge to marketers as…

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Germany implements EU cookie laws, but finds the “hardly enforceable”

5th Apr 2014 • Leave a comment

It’s hard enough to comply with data protection legislation across Europe, and this situation is made worse by the complexity of some laws. A recent article by lawyers Osborne Clark describes how the European Commission has confirmed that German legislation does meet the requirements of the ePrivacy Directive, but does not clarify the situation. The…

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Why did B2B publishers fail to create the next generation of online content?

4th Apr 2014 • Leave a comment

There’s a refreshingly honest interview with Frank Anton, vice chairman of US publisher Hanley Wood on, where he admits that B2B publishers in the USA “missed the boat” when they failed to make use of their data and industry knowledge. Hanley Wood was a particularly clear case, as they have housing industry publications, a…

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ASA rules against native advertising

2nd Apr 2014 • Leave a comment

Native advertising is all the rage: if you can make an advert look like editorial, then it will be so much more effective. It’s fantastic, apart from one small problem – the legislation about misleading advertising. You cannot present marketing materials as if they are independent editorial, and recently the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority ruled…

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Forget royalty-free, Getty Images opts for simply free

8th Mar 2014 • Leave a comment

In a very interesting move, Getty Images has decided that threatening small organisations that use its copyright images without payment isn’t working and so they’ve decided to allow the embedding of millions of their images on blogs and social media without payment. You need to use the embed code, which “frames” the image and links…

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Facebook competes for B2B marketing spending

28th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

In a move that will see them compete more directly with LinkedIn, Facebook has upped its game by allowing advertisers to target users through more advanced segmentation, including employer and job title. By providing businesses with new options to target their one billion users worldwide, the social network giant is hoping to attract more B2B…

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Gmail Adds Unsubscribe Button: Implications for Marketers

27th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Google has rocked the marketing world once again by adding a more prominent “unsubscribe” feature to Gmail. The button will appear at the top of the email, directly beside the sender’s email address, in order to help email recipients remove themselves from unwanted promotional lists. This modification will make it easier for users to find…

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Linking to free content is legal in Europe!

17th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

You may have thought it was obviously true, but the legality of linking to other people’s content on the Internet has only just been established in the EU. A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice states that there is no requirement to obtain permission from the copyright holder before linking to another website….

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What makes a successful video?

15th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Video is increasingly important for B2B Technology publications, so I was delighted when Ian Poole or was kind enough to pass on his views about what makes a good video in our industry: We have all seen a large number of videos being posted on all sorts of websites and including those in the…

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B2B marketing trends: what to expect in 2014

13th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Do you wonder what changes we’ll see to the way people do marketing this year? We’ve put together a slideshow presentation about the 10 things that we think will define B2B marketing in 2014. The presentation highlights trends such as storytelling, marketing automation and purpose-driven marketing. Check it out, and let us know whether you…

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Youtube: no cheating allowed!

8th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

It’s a well-known fact that popularity drives video views on YouTube. Many people have found ways to artificially inflate the number of video views they get, which in turn drives the video up the search ranking and generates more genuine views. These nefarious approaches, however, are frowned upon by Google, and there will now be…

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