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Some news, tips and tricks from the world of marketing that caught the attention of the team at Napier. Our marketing blog is where we share some of the things that have inspired, impressed or amused us.

Forget royalty-free, Getty Images opts for simply free

8th Mar 2014 • Leave a comment

In a very interesting move, Getty Images has decided that threatening small organisations that use its copyright images without payment isn’t working and so they’ve decided to allow the embedding of millions of their images on blogs and social media without payment. You need to use the embed code, which “frames” the image and links…

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Gmail Adds Unsubscribe Button: Implications for Marketers

27th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Google has rocked the marketing world once again by adding a more prominent “unsubscribe” feature to Gmail. The button will appear at the top of the email, directly beside the sender’s email address, in order to help email recipients remove themselves from unwanted promotional lists. This modification will make it easier for users to find…

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Linking to free content is legal in Europe!

17th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

You may have thought it was obviously true, but the legality of linking to other people’s content on the Internet has only just been established in the EU. A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice states that there is no requirement to obtain permission from the copyright holder before linking to another website….

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What makes a successful video?

15th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Video is increasingly important for B2B Technology publications, so I was delighted when Ian Poole or was kind enough to pass on his views about what makes a good video in our industry: We have all seen a large number of videos being posted on all sorts of websites and including those in the…

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B2B marketing trends: what to expect in 2014

13th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Do you wonder what changes we’ll see to the way people do marketing this year? We’ve put together a slideshow presentation about the 10 things that we think will define B2B marketing in 2014. The presentation highlights trends such as storytelling, marketing automation and purpose-driven marketing. Check it out, and let us know whether you…

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Youtube: no cheating allowed!

8th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

It’s a well-known fact that popularity drives video views on YouTube. Many people have found ways to artificially inflate the number of video views they get, which in turn drives the video up the search ranking and generates more genuine views. These nefarious approaches, however, are frowned upon by Google, and there will now be…

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IAB gives advice for post-cookie world

4th Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

The IAB has released a white paper titled ‘Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World’. The white paper highlights the over-reliance on cookies, particularly by publishers, and an explores alternative technologies that could perform similar functions. Online privacy is certainly a major issue for publishers and brands alike, and with legislation likely to place tighter…

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The top 5 IT industry trends for 2014

3rd Feb 2014 • Leave a comment

Whilst we are well into the New Year, it’s still earlier enough to consider the trends that will drive our marketing campaigns for the next year. We’ve looked at some of the key IT publications to see which trends they are all forecasting, as well as those that are only highlighted by a couple of…

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Top 3 Marketing Trends of 2014

16th Dec 2013 • Leave a comment

52% of executives view business related videos on YouTube every week With 2014 drawing to a close, you can most definitely expect to see the usual predictions, expectations and even the occasional questionable opinion, into next year’s key marketing trends. In this past year alone we have seen digital get even bigger, content get crowned…

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twitter launches Promoted Tweets for retargeting campaigns

7th Dec 2013 • Leave a comment

twitter will now allow Promoted Tweets to be targeted to people who have previously visited a brand’s website. The remarketing (or retargeting) is enabed by cookies set by one of the major remarketing networks. Whilst this may seem like a reletively evolutionary step if you are using remarketing already, the ability to connect using a…

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CIPR launches best practice guide for social media campaigns

7th Dec 2013 • Leave a comment

The CIPR has launched a best practice guide for marketers running social media campaigns in the UK. With the attorney general warning that some companies may be on wittingly breaking the law with social media communications, the launch of the guide is very timely. The social media guide can be viewed on slideshare.

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Google ad-placing service announces deal with Facebook

21st Oct 2013 • Leave a comment

Facebook’s market share of ad-revenue anticipated to see three-fold increase Facebook has well and truly taken a U-turn, with Google’s ad-placing service DoubleClick announcing that they will be working alongside the social network giant, allowing clients to buy advertising space; something that Facebook did not previously allow. Up until this recent announcement, Facebook did not…

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Understanding the B2B Buyers’ Journey: Infographic

25th Sep 2013 • Leave a comment

72% of buyers will visit Google three times during their buyer journey The “buyer’s journey” is something that is constantly being referred to within the marketing landscape. But even though it has become something of a buzz word, or two, up until now there has been limited data that defines exactly what this journey is….

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Improve Your ROI by Getting Creative with Geo-Targeting

10th Sep 2013 • Leave a comment

Standard geo-targeting using city, state or Zip code declined from 64% to just 13% in 2012, but campaigns that leveraged precise geo-targeting increased to 55%* Geo-targeting in PPC advertising is, and will continue to be, an effective way for a company to pinpoint the best leads. I don’t want to teach people to suck eggs,…

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New Napier tip sheet explains tactics to increase open rates

4th Sep 2013 • Leave a comment

We’ve just published a new tip sheet that describes how to increase your email open rates by getting your subject line noticed. Marketers are often guilty of spending lots of time developing email designs that aren’t seen by many of the recipients because the subject line wasn’t compelling. Our tip sheet explains proven techniques that…

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Will Adblocking kill publishing?

30th Aug 2013 • Leave a comment

Use of Adblocking growing at a rate of 43% per year There is a scary report from PageFair, which predicts rapid growth in the use of Adblocking tools. The study showed that the average rate of Adblocking is just over 22%, with a significant variation from industry to industry. More worrying is that the use…

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Google Launches New AdWords Feature: Paid & Organic Report

27th Aug 2013 • Leave a comment

Organic Listing Improved Paid Click Rate by 64% If you haven’t heard already, Google has introduced a new feature in the form of a paid and organic report in AdWords. The report provides advertisers, for the first time, with a combined dashboard of metrics for their performance of both paid and organic search for keywords….

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twitter launches related headlines

21st Aug 2013 • Leave a comment

55% of B2B professionals search for information on social media* twitter has launched their ‘related stories’ feature. This will show sites that have embedded a tweet to "surface the stories" behind the tweet. Whilst this might be a good idea, I can certainly see some opportunities for people to take advantage: I wonder who will…

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UBM plans for the future

6th Aug 2013 • Leave a comment

Revenue fell by 11% in first half of 2013. Online revenue fell by 4%.   There’s a great article in theMediaBriefing about UBM’s plans to invest in future growth, and to transition to an "events-driven, digital content marketing business". Perhaps the most interesting thing for tech marketers is that UBM CEO David Levin said the…

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The rise of Flipboard as a marketing tactic

25th Jul 2013 • Leave a comment

6 Billion Pages Flipped a Month on Flipboard Prompted by the success of its user-created social magazines, Flipboard is no longer solely a mobile app and has been made available on the web. Previously, only users of the Flipboard app were able to view these magazines, but now users are able to share them with…

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LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates

25th Jul 2013 • Leave a comment

60% of LinkedIn users have clicked on an ad on the site LinkedIn is about business, business is promoted by marketing, and marketing is all about content. Among other things. With the somewhat annoying adage ‘content is king’ in mind, LinkedIn have stepped up its game and announced their launch of sponsored updates, a service…

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Marketers can no longer neglect mobile advertising

16th Jul 2013 • Leave a comment

Global Mobile Ad Revenue Up by 82.2% Smartphone growth may well be slowing down in some developed markets, but the growth of mobile advertising is anything but. According to recent figures from a global mobile advertising study, conducted by the IAB and IHS, the industry has seen an 82.8 per cent rise between 2011 and…

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If brands don’t self-regulate, the FTC will…

16th Jul 2013 • Leave a comment

Native Ads are Growing 39% a Year*, But 57% of Consumers Consider Them to Be Misleading Digital changed marketing. But you already knew that. Something else you will already recognise is that the power has shifted from the brand to the consumer, and it is this power that has resulted in marketers having to adapt…

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Keywords for killer subject lines: infographic

5th Jul 2013 • Leave a comment

“Alert” and “Breaking” will boost your open and click through rates by up to 77.6% Words matter. More specifically, words in your email subject lines matter. The importance of keywords shouldn’t be limited to your content, calls-to-actions, even your SEO efforts. It is, in fact, crucial that you are using keywords effectively in your email…

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Facebook introduces clickable hashtags

21st Jun 2013 • Leave a comment

10.1% of tweets have at least one hashtag in their text while 20.8% of retweets contain a hashtag* Perhaps you’re already an avid supporter of Facebook for B2B marketing? Or perhaps, like most B2B marketers, you have not been lured into the belief that Facebook is as effective as other social media sites such as…

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