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Some news, tips and tricks from the world of marketing that caught the attention of the team at Napier. Our marketing blog is where we share some of the things that have inspired, impressed or amused us.

SEO for contributed articles

Why don’t we SEO contributed articles?

I recently talked to Ian Poole, editor of Radio-electronics and Electronics Notes and he started to mention the lack of search engine optimisation...

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Social Media Advertising

Typical Metrics for LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients is “How do we compare to other clients?” Knowing whether your campaigns perform...

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Mailchimp Logo

5 Features to Create Amazing Email Campaigns in Mailchimp

MailChimp is a great tool for Email Marketing, especially if you’re not ready to jump onto the Marketing Automation train. More than 12 million...

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It’s time for our European Tech Marketing Outlook Survey

With 2017 just around the corner, it’s time for our annual European Tech Marketing Outlook Survey. Every year, this survey produces exciting...

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

How does LinkedIn Perform for B2B Businesses?

LinkedIn has gone a long way since it launched. From a tiny professional networking site it has become a strong marketing force. Most B2B companies...

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SEO Articles or Create Clickbait

I search engine optimised (SEO) an article, and you’ll never guess what happened next

I had an interesting chat with Ian Poole, editor of and Electronics Notes, at electronica. He highlighted an issue that...

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b2b email marketing

Why email marketing is still the best outbound lead generator for B2B

Email Marketing alongside your website and trade shows is one of the most effective lead generation marketing tactics. And guess what? It’s the...

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B2B Social Media

B2B Social media, it’s more than just a selfie

For me social media was just another way of communicating with my friends, but for businesses it’s a lot more than tweeting what you had for...

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Research shows conventional publishers are missing out on digital advertising budgets

If you talk with any of the European electronics publications, you’d think that they were doing really well from the switch to online digital...

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LinkedIn launches conversion tracking

LinkedIn has introduced their first conversion tracking tool for sponsored content and text ads. The feature allows marketers to determine if a user...

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